Speech of the MOS (PP) Shri V. Narayanasamy on the Occasion of Inauguration of CBI Headquarters Building of the Central Bureau of Investigation (April 30, 2011)

Hon'ble Prime Minister
Secretary (Personnel), Govt. of India - Smt. Alka Sirohi
Director, CBI - Shri A.P. Singh
Former Director of CBI
Other officers of Govt. of India & NCT
Past & Present members of CBI family
Ladies & Gentlemen

          I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, sparing his valuable time to be present on the occasion of Inauguration of the New CBI Headquarters Building.

          2. We are aware that corruption threatens stability and security of societies. It undermines the institutions & values of democracy, ethical values and justice. It also jeopardizes sustainable development and the rule of law. The prevention & eradication of corruption, therefore, is not just a matter of virtue, but a necessity. Government is fully committed to its 'Zero tolerance Policy' towards corruption.

          3. To prevent corruption, it is necessary to strengthen the agencies entrusted with this task. Accordingly, the constant endeavour of the Government to provide all necessary infrastructure to CBI and to meet its professional challenges.

          4. The new CBI building is one such step taken by the Government in this regard. It is one of the various efforts put in by the Department of Personnel, to provide better working conditions for CBI personnel. The new CBI Headquarters Building proposes to house all CBI personnel posted in Delhi, presently working in offices spread out at different places. I also take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts put in by officials of NBCC, who have succeeded in putting in place, this modern updated structure, within a short time frame.

          5. The Central Government recognizes that the Law Enforcement Agencies should have access to modern technology and huge resources. It is then essential that such Agencies, tasked with protecting the interests of the State and the common man, continuously upgrade their financial, human and technological resource base. New threats re-enforce the need for new responses, involving continuous up gradation of technology and investigative skills.

          6. I am glad to inform that Department of Personnel & Training has been constantly striving to upgrade the resource base of CBI, in order to bring an all round improvement in its working. In the recent past, we have taken steps to fill up vacancies, focussed on e-governance, upgraded the forensic backup of CBI, and sanctioned new Courts for speeding up of trial.

          7. Proposals for construction of residential-cum-office complexes for CBI, at Guwahati, Imphal, Pune and Lucknow have either been approved or are at the advanced stage of finalization. We have also accorded approval for setting up of 8 new branches of CBI and have sanctioned 360 new posts and other connected infrastructure. It needs not be re-emphasized that no Agency can perform to an optimal level, unless it is provided with the necessary training, technology, and infrastructure.

          8. I am sure that various efforts put in by the Government would afford an opportunity to CBI officials, to rise up to the onerous responsibilities assigned to them, to be highly motivated and to honour the trust reposed on them by the Government, the Judiciary and the common man in particular. I assure the officers of CBI that resource constraints shall never be allowed to come in the way of CBI accomplishing its crucial tasks.

          9. Justice delayed is justice denied. The efficacy of criminal justice system is felt when all its wings - police, prosecution, judiciary and prison administration - work in tandem. The CBI has also been focusing on completing investigations within a detailed time frame and on building capacity of prosecutors in terms of their knowledge.

          10. I am happy to state that the Government on its part has sought to supplement the efforts of CBI by sanctioning additional 71 special CBI courts. These courts shall exclusively deal with trial of CBI cases against persons accused in corruption related matters. Some of these special courts are already operational while some are in the pipeline, and shall become operational soon. I have no doubt in my mind that this initiative of the Government would help in speedy delivery of justice.

          11. The reputation and credibility enjoyed by CBI can be judged from constant demand from all sections of society for CBI investigation. The professionalism of CBI in investigation and detection of corruption related cases and other crimes is well known. However, there is always scope for improvement, which I am sure CBI will take into account while drawing up its future agenda.

          12. I take this opportunity to congratulate all CBI personnel on this momentous occasion and wish them a professionally enriching career. I am sure, that CBI shall grow from strength to strength and match up with the best in the world.

          13. Before I end, I again express my gratitude to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, for having spared his valuable time, making it convenient to be present on this occasion and inaugurating the new CBI building.

Thank You.
Jai Hind.