Speech of DCBI - Inauguration of the NEW CBI HEADQUARTERS on 30th April, 2011

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Hon'ble Prime Minister
Hon'ble Home Minister
Hon'ble Minister for Law and Company Affairs
Hon'ble Minister for Human Resource Development
Hon'ble Minister of State for Personnel and Parliamentary Affairs,
Principal Secretary to PM
Former Directors of CBI,
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen

          It is a great honour to welcome the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India for the inaugural function of the new CBI Headquarters. He had also laid the foundation stone of this building in January, 2006.

          2. I am grateful to all the distinguished guests, particularly former Directors of CBI, for having accepted our invitation and graced this occasion with their presence.

          3. Today is a momentous and historic moment for the Bureau. After 70 years of service to the nation, CBI finally has a home of its own. Though the wait has been long it has been worth it as we now have an imposing HQ building which should inspire present and future generations of CBI officers.

          4. The process of constructing this new building commenced in 2002 when the land was acquired. The foundation stone was laid in 2006 and it has been completed by NBCC in 3 years from commencement of construction, at a cost of Rs. 186 crores.

          5. It is a State-of-the-Art building with integrated features like a unique command centre, access control system, modular work stations and conference facilities. It is said that a healthy body makes a healthy mind and for this purpose we included a gymnasium. For interactive purposes a press lounge has also been made and the entire complex has adequate parking facilities. In other words, the building has features with an eye on aesthetics as well as a conducive work environment. With the relocation of different CBI offices elsewhere now in a single location, we hope this will smoothen the daily functioning and increase output.

          6. To quote Shakespeare" there is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at its ebb leads to good fortune" The same can be said of organisations and this building represents a significant step forward in the history of the Bureau.

          7. CBI is the premier criminal investigating agency of our country with over seven decades of experience in dealing with a wide range of matters including white collar crime; heinous offences and corruption cases. It is often called upon by different States and Constitutional Courts to investigate complicated and sensitive cases. It goes to the credit of the Bureau that faith in the integrity and quality of its investigations remains intact. It shall always be our endeavour to maintain the highest standards in public interest. In the course of our work, we remain constantly in media and public glare perhaps not always for the right reasons.

          8. At this moment when the entire nation is focussed on the issue of corruption it is extremely important that this Bureau continues to meet the expectations of the Courts, Legislature and the general public.

          9. In spite of severe constraints faced by the Bureau in terms of shortage of manpower, financial crunch and lack of adequate resources coupled with high expectation from public, courts, media, we have consistently delivered and earned appreciation of the Constitutional Courts in a number of cases. The bureau on an average registers and disposes 1000 cases in a year. We have been able to maintain these figures inspite of a 30% shortage of officers at the Investigators level. We have also been able to maintain a 70% conviction rate.

          10. A key area of concern are the large number of cases pending under trial, which are increasing every year and at present have reached 9900 cases, some of which are over 20 years old. To deal with this situation the govt had sanctioned 71 Special Courts for CBI cases last year which as per Supreme Court directives should be fully functional by July .

Special Prosecutors for these courts have been also appointed on contractual basis. Once these courts are fully functional, we expect to make substantial progress in reducing the backlog of under trial cases.

          11. We have also identified 200 important cases pending trial which need to be fast tracked so that a clear message is delivered that corruption is not a high return low risk activity. We will be trying to ensure that trial of such cases is completed within two years by holding hearings on a day to day basis.

          12. Other major constraints faced by the bureau are large delays in sanction for prosecution, non execution of letters rogatory, delays in receiving forensic reports, and large number of vacancies at all levels. We are cognizant of these issues and are taking effective steps to tackle them.

          13. The Bureau is conscious of the need to keep abreast of latest advances in science and technology to deal with emerging challenges of crime and criminals in a Hi Tech environment.To effectively deal with such challenges CBI has set up a Centre for Training in Cyber Crime and Hi-Tech crime investigation last year.With the help of advancing technologies and advanced training we hope to transform CBI into a global leader among investigating agencies. Already our expertise and assistance is being sought by a number of SAARC and African countries for training their investigators

          14. CBI at present derives its authority from the antiquated Delhi Special Police Establishment Act of 1946 which severely limits our scope of action. We are in the process of drafting a new CBI Act which would widen the scope of our activities and be more in tune with the current environment and the multifarious responsibilities assigned to the bureau. We request the Government for full support in passing this Act when it is finalised.

          15. Some of the other important issues I would like to highlight before the Honble Prime Minister are inadequate housing for CBI personnel and denial of special pay to our prosecutors, forensic scientists and ministerial staff. The housing satisfaction level of CBI is presently 23.49%, which is far below the BPR&D norms of 60%. We are actively pursuing both these issues with the govt and expect positive results shortly.

          16. On this auspicious occasion, I wish to re-assure all present here that the Bureau would always remain committed to its motto "Industry, Impartiality and Integrity". It is our endeavour to uphold the Constitution of India and law of the land through in-depth investigation and successful prosecution of offences; to provide leadership and direction to police forces and to act as the nodal agency for enhancing inter-state and international cooperation in law enforcement.