Press Release
New Delhi, 16.10.2020

The Union Home Secretary Shri Ajay Kumar Bhalla today inaugurated the one day7th Interpol Liaison Officers Conference organized on a virtual platform. It is being organised by CBI which is the National Central Bureau (NCB) of India and represents India in the Interpol. The participants including Interpol Liaison Officers (ILOs) from States, Union Territories, other law enforcement agencies & CBI have attended the conference.

The Home Secretary said that the ever changing technological scenario, ease of foreign travel, information and communication revolution have all created rising challenges when handling crimes with international linkages. The increased movement of Indian citizens globally has also placed added responsibility on us to have international police cooperation arrangements to cater to the safety and security needs of Indian citizens travelling abroad and similarly extend the same courtesy to police cooperation requests received from other countries. Thus, the International Cooperation for Law Enforcement purposes has become more relevant now. He further said that Central Bureau of Investigation is designated as the National Central Bureau in India for INTERPOL and is providing needed assistance to Indian law enforcement agencies.

CBI is collaborating with its counterparts in other countries to identify the network, dismantle their infrastructure and bring the perpetrators of crime to justice. US Department of Justice and CBI collaborated in this regard, and yesterday US Federal court ordered an individual and 5 companies to stop engaging in technical-support fraud scheme that is alleged to have defrauded hundreds of elderly and vulnerable U.S. victims. According to USDOJ, the said person of Glendale, California, knowingly provided U.S. support for India-based accomplices in furtherance of the fraud. The said person facilitated the scheme through several companies, including at Singapore. The temporary restraining order issued by the US court dismantles these defendants' U.S. infrastructure, such as websites and payment processing relationships, and prohibits the defendants from continuing to facilitate the alleged scheme.

Shri Bhalla said that India will be hosting the INTERPOL General Assembly in 2022 at New Delhi. This will be coinciding with the celebrations for 75th year of India's independence and India will be hosting Delegations with senior police/ law enforcement officials from across 194 member countries of INTERPOL. In 2021, the Global Young Police Leaders Programme of INTERPOL will also be hosted in India.

Director, CBI Sh. Rishi Kumar Shukla has delivered the Valedictory Address. Sh. Shukla said that for the first time ever, the ILO's Conference has been held over a virtual platform. During the recent years, especially over the last two decades, rapid technological transformations in the ICT domain (Information & Communication Technology), ease of global travel, a global financial system that is highly interconnected and emergence of organized crime with international linkages; has increased the complexity of policing across the country.

The Director also mentioned that there is a need for every police agency in the country to develop a specialized and highly trained unit which is well versed with use of formal international police cooperation mechanisms like use of Letters Rogatory and Mutual Legal Assistance requests and also in utilizing informal police cooperation channels like INTERPOL.

The sessions in the conference included Interpol databases & Notice System; functioning of International Police Cooperation Unit of CBI; utility of SHERLOC Portal of UNODC; extradition proceedings processes & related aspects; revised MHA guidelines on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and International Police Cooperation matters.

ILO's conferences are being organised by the International Police Cooperation Unit (IPCU) of CBI since 2003. Six Conferences have been organised so far.