Press Release
New Delhi , 01.04.2019

The 57th CBI Day was celebrated at its Headquarters in New Delhi today.

On this occasion, Shri Rishi Kumar Shukla awarded fourteen Investigating Officers, six law officers, forty six executive & ministerial staff and two technical officers with the Director CBI’s Commendation Certificate and cash rewards

While addressing the officers and officials on this occasion Director, CBI said that over the years, the Central Bureau of Investigation has emerged as a premier investigating agency of the country. The CBI enjoys the trust of the people, Parliament, Judiciary and the Government. Whenever there is a major offence or a credible investigation is required, there is always a demand for a CBI investigation. Over the years the number of cases referred to by the Constitutional Courts to CBI have been increasing, the Director observed.

Shri Shukla also invoked the motto of the organization - Industry, Impartiality and Integrity and reiterated that CBI has been successful in realizing its mission of upholding the Constitution of India and the Law of the Land, through in-depth investigation and successful prosecution of offences. It has also provided leadership and direction to Police Forces and acted as the Nodal Agency for enhancing inter-state and international co-operation in law enforcement.

Director CBI, further referred to the multi-disciplinary character of the organization and said, the CBI has evolved from an anti-corruption agency into a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary Central Police law enforcement agency with capability, credibility and legal mandate to investigate and prosecute offences throughout the country.

He also mentioned that CBI has consistently and continuously equipped itself to be prepared with the evolving nature of crime and that the agency has been made the nodal agency in many areas.

Shri Shukla also emphasized the importance of grievance redressal and referred to the Open Door Policy for all officials of the organization in this regard. He also said that the organization will be taking care of the infrastructural needs of the workforce.

After the celebration of the CBI Day, all officers and employees of CBI joined Bada Khana in true traditions of the organization.

During 2018, the highlights of CBI’s achievements were:- 899 Regular Cases/Preliminary Enquiries registered, 209 of which were taken up on directions of Constitutional Courts; 156 traps were also laid for detection of bribery; 211 cases pertaining to bank frauds were also registered; 544 cases ended in conviction of 1468 accused persons. Convictions were achieved in many important and sensitive cases. CBI successfully used the technology of Percentage Matching of DNA and Lineage Matching for the first time in India, while investigating the case of rape and murder of a minor girl in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh).

Names of CBI personnel awarded with Director CBI’s Commendation Certificate and Cash Reward :

  1. S.K.Sinha, DSP, ACB New Delhi;
  2. Manoj Kumar, Inspector, ACB New Delhi;
  3. Sanjay Solanki, Inspector, CBI, ACB, Bhopal;
  4. Prashant Srivastava, DSP, SCB Lucknow;
  5. Dinesh Kumar, Inspector, CBI, SCB, Chandigarh;
  6. Bikash Chandra Chourasia, DSP, CBI, ACB, Dhanbad;
  7. Baiju A, Inspector, CBI, ACB Cochin;
  8. Rakesh Ranjan, Inspector, CBI, ACB Bangalore;
  9. Alok Kumar Singh, DSP, AC-VI, New Delhi;
  10. B.P.Raju, DSP,CBI, EO-III, New Delhi;
  11. Gulshan Mohan Rathi, DSP, CBI, BS&FB New Delhi;
  12. Arvind Jaitely, Inspector, CBI, SC.II New Delhi;
  13. Jyoti Ranjan Barik, Inspector, CBI, ACB, Bhubaneswar (Attached with CBI, EO-VII, Bhubaneswar);
  14. Ashok Singh Tariyal, DSP, STB New Delhi;
  15. Samsamullslam, Sr.PP, ACB New Delhi;
  16. Brijesh Singh, Sr. PP, CBI, ACB, Raipur (C.G);
  17. Balkaran Singh, Sr.PP, ACB Ghaziabad;
  18. Smt. K.R. Biju Babu, Sr.PP, CBI, ACB, Cochin;
  19. A.ChennaKeshavulu, PP, CBI, ACB, Visakhapatnam;
  20. Dr. Padmini Singh, Sr.PP, CBI, EO-II, New Delhi;
  21. Ram Kumar Singh, ASI, ACB New Delhi;
  22. Smt. Rajinder Kaur, CA, ACB New Delhi;
  23. Umesh Kumar Yadav, PA, CBI, Bhopal Zone;
  24. Vishwa Kumar Singh, Constable, SCB Lucknow;
  25. Subhash Chandra, Steno Gr.II, SCB Lucknow;
  26. Ramesh Chand, ASI, CBI, ACB Chandigarh;
  27. Smt. Sunita Kasana, LDC, CBI, ACB, Chandigarh;
  28. Ajay Kumar Singh, Constable, ACB Patna;
  29. Smt. Shubha Lakra, CA, CBI, ACB, Ranchi;
  30. Aby Mathew, SG-I, CBI, ACB, Patna;
  31. Sushanta Kumar Khatua, Constable, CBI, ACB, Bhubaneswar;
  32. Artatrana Sahoo, UDC, CBI, ACB, Bhubaneswar;
  33. Tapan Kumar Dutta, Head Constable, SCB Kolkata;
  34. Smt. SuparnaSaha, UDC, SCB Kolkata;
  35. T. Thirusaravanan, HC, CBI, ACB, Madurai;
  36. E. Ramadasan, SG-I, CBI, ACB Cochin;
  37. E.V. Paulose, HC, CBI, ACB Bangalore;
  38. Smt. P. Sarada, UDC, CBI, ACB, Hyderabad;
  39. Sriniwas, Constable, AC-I, New Delhi;
  40. Smt. Maya Rawat, LDC, AC-I, New Delhi;
  41. Ram Chander, ASI, EO-III, New Delhi;
  42. Smt. Anju Nangia, PS, CBI, EO-I, New Delhi;
  43. Santosh Kumar Das, Crime Assistant, EO-VII, Bhubaneswar;
  44. G.R. Kambli, Constable, BSFB Mumbai;
  45. Smt. Devanai Anand, Crime Assistant, BSFB, Bangalore;
  46. Dharmender, ASI, CBI, SC-III, New Delhi;
  47. Dev Dutt, CA, CBI, SC-I, New Delhi;
  48. Krishan Kumar, Constable, STB New Delhi;
  49. Om Prakash Bishnoi, HC, CBI, System Division, New Delhi;
  50. Vipin Kumar Mittal, Inspector, IPCU, New Delhi;
  51. Raj Kumar Yadav, DEO(A), IPCU, New Delhi;
  52. Ramesh Yadav, Steno Gr.II, CFSL, CBI, New Delhi;
  53. Naresh Kumar, Constable, DoP Section, CBI HQ, New Delhi;
  54. Suresh Kumar, UDC, DoP Section, CBI HQ, New Delhi;
  55. Pritam Singh Rawat, HC, CBI, HO, New Delhi;
  56. M. Surchandra Singh, ASI, CBI, HO, New Delhi;
  57. Kuldip Singh Dhull, CA, CBI, HO, New Delhi;
  58. Nandan Singh, MTS, CBI, HO, New Delhi;
  59. Umesh Sharma, CA, CBI, HO, New Delhi;
  60. Naresh Talwar, DSP, CBI, Academy Ghaziabad;
  61. Smt. Asha Gupta, CA , CBI Academy Ghaziabad;
  62. Rakesh Utneja, Inspector, Policy Division, New Delhi;
  63. Surendra, Inspector, SU, New Delhi;
  64. S.V. Ramanan, Steno, Gr.II, SU Chennai;
  65. Khokan Bhattacharjee, Steno Gr.I, SU Kolkata;
  66. Yogesh Kumar Jain, CA, AC-IV, Vyapam, Bhopal;
  67. John George Moses, Principal Scientific Officer, CFSL, CBI, New Delhi;
  68. Smt.Vimmi Bhatia, Senior Scientific Assistant, CFSL, CBI, New Delhi;