Press Release
New Delhi, 31.10.2017

The Central Bureau of Investigation has today filed a chargesheet against 490 accused persons including 03 Vyapam officials, 03 racketeers, 17 middlemen, 297 Solver & Beneficiary candidates and 170 guardians of the Beneficiary candidates in the Court of Special Judge for Vyapam Cases, Bhopal in on-going investigation of a case relating to alleged irregularities in PMT 2013 Exam conducted by Vyapam. In the chargesheet, CBI also submitted its findings on the allegations of tampering of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that had been seized by MP Police. Based on the CFSL reports and the other evidence gathered during investigation, CBI has concluded that there was no tampering in the HDD.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India vide orders dated 9th July, 2015 passed in Writ Petition Civil No. 417/2015 along with various other petitions, had transferred the investigation of Vyapam Scam Cases to CBI. Pursuant to the said orders, CBI registered the case and took over the investigation of the FIR 539 of 2013 of Police Station Rajinder Nagar, Indore u/s 419, 420, 467 and 468 of IPC relating to irregularities in Pre Medical Test 2013 conducted by MP Professional Examination Board (Vyapam). During investigation, names of certain racketeers, Solvers, Beneficiary candidates and several others emerged, who were operating from Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Shahdol, Ratlam & Sagar etc. It was alleged that these racketeers were found to be involved in arranging for Beneficiary candidates and Solvers. The pairing of respective Solvers and Beneficiary candidates was being done by the racketeers. It was also alleged that the racketeers thereafter were getting the roll numbers of these Solvers-Beneficiary candidates manipulated through Vyapam officials, such that aBeneficiary candidate was seated right behind his Solver candidate thus enabling the Beneficiary to cheat and copy the answers from Solver candidate.

When the case was taken over by CBI, there were many accused persons, who had remained untraced, since they had provided wrong address or were no longer living at the addresses given on their application forms for PMT 2013. During the investigation, CBI found that these Solver candidates were amongst the medical college students or bright medical aspirants taking coaching in the States of MP, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan and districts of Maharashtra neighbouring Madhya Pradesh. CBI collected pertinent details of students of various medical colleges and coaching institutes spread all over these States, and succeeded in preparing a database of more than 10 lakh such students. With the help of advanced forensic software and the said database, CBI was able to identify and trace 42 accused Solver candidates. Using other innovative methods, CBI was able to trace 11 middlemen and made them join investigation.

CBI also conducted investigation on the allegations made by a former Madhya Pradesh CM and another person in W.P. (Civil) No. 417/2015 and 418/2015 filed before the Hon'ble Supreme Court regarding tampering of HDD seized in the instant case. Both these persons had alleged that the hard disk seized by Indore Police from the computer of the then Principal System Analyst, Vyapam on 18.07.13 in Crime No. 539/2013 of Police Station Rajinder Nagar, Indore had been tampered with.

During investigation, image of the seized HDD in question along with 2 other HDDs, which was in the custody of the trial court, was got prepared through the experts of Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Hyderabad and were forwarded to CFSL for analysis and examination. 02 Pen Drives, one kept in custody of the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in W.P. 334/15 filed by the private person and the other submitted by him to CBI in a sealed cover were also sent to CFSL, Hyderabad for analysis. The pen drives as per the claims of the said private person contained the tampered and untampered versions of the impugned excel file. CFSL examined these HDDs and the 2 pen drives and submitted 7 reports to CBI.

As per CFSL report, the computer with the HDD in question was last shut down on 15.07.13 and no file on the said HDD was accessed after 15.07.13. All the 5 Excel files in the pen drive provided by the said private person to the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in W.P. (Crl.) 334/2015 as well as to CBI, containing reference 'CM' in it, were created or last modified on or after 18.07.13 as per the report of CFSL whereas the alleged HDD in question was last shut down on 15.07.13 as per CFSL report. The pen drive provided by the said private person to the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi as well as to CBI contains false documents created subsequent to seizure of HDD in question. There is no grain of truth in the allegation that the HDD seized on 18.07.13 from the office of then Principal System Analyst, Vyapam was tampered.

CBI had submitted status report containing the findings of investigation of alleged tampering of the said Hard Disk to the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

After thorough investigation, a chargesheet has been filed today. The chargesheet against another 12 accused persons is also being filed in the Juvenile courts concerned.

The public is reminded that the above findings are based on the investigation done by CBI and evidence collected by it. Under the Indian law, the accused are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial.