Press Release
New Delhi, 07.07.2017

The Central Bureau of Investigation has registered a case u/s 120 B r/w 420 of IPC and Section 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of PC Act, 1988 against the then Railway Minister; his wife; his son; a private person based at New Delhi; two Directors of a private Hotel Ltd. Company; a private Projects/Marketing company based at Delhi; the then MD, IRCTC and unknown others on the allegations of awarding the tender for development, maintenance and operation of BNR Hotels at Ranchi and Puri to said private Hotel Ltd. Company in the year 2006.

 This case has been registered consequent to a Preliminary Enquiry which prima facie revealed that then Railway Minister, had allegedly derived undue advantage by abuse of his official position & by way of sale of about 3 acres of land at Patna by the owners of said private Hotel Ltd Company to another private marketing company having said private person( wife of his close associate), as its Director, at a price which was less than the prevalent circle rate.  It was also alleged that this favour was returned to the company by award of long term lease for the BNR hotels at Ranchi and Puri by manipulating the tender process..

 It was further alleged that as per available records, the entire shareholding of said private marketing company was transferred to wife of then Railway Minister and his son between 2010-14, for a consideration of approx Rs.64 lakh, when this company owned land worth around Rs.32.5 crore( as per circle rate) and around Rs.94 crore (as per the market rate).

Searches are being conducted today at 12 locations, including Delhi, Patna, Ranchi, Puri and Gurugram.

Further investigation is continuing.