Press Release
New Delhi, 09.02.2017


         CBI strongly denies a statement / news item published / telecast in certain sections of the media attributed to the blog of Sh. Rajinder Kumar, IAS in connection with allegations leveled by him with regard to misuse of Cr. P.C. Provisions by CBI.

         The allegations leveled against CBI are false, baseless and misleading. Further investigation in the case against Sh. Rajinder Kumar & Others has been kept open with regard to two specific issues relating to suspicious movement of funds as per provisions of law under due intimation to the Court.

         Section 173 (8) of Cr.P.C. provides :- “Nothing in this Section shall be deemed to preclude further investigation in respect of any offence after a report under Sub Section (2) has been forwarded to the Magistrate and, where upon such investigation, the officer incharge of the police station obtains further evidence, oral or documentary, he shall forward to the Magistrate a further report or reports regarding such evidence in the form prescribed ; and the provisions of Sub Sections (2) to (6) shall, as far as may be, apply in relation to such report or reports as they apply in relation to a report forwarded under Sub Section (2).”

         It is not a legally tenable proposition that Section 173 (8) Cr.P.C. permits further investigation after filing chargesheet only when “entirely new evidence comes.

         The matter is presently sub-judice and Shri Rajendra Kumar is having all the opportunity available as per law to defend himself in the Court. CBI reiterates its commitment to its motto i.e. Industry, Impartially and Integrity.

         It is requested that the full text of the above Rebuttal may please be prominently published in your tomorrow’s news paper / telecast in your channel at the earliest