Press Release
New Delhi , 28.09.2012

            The Central Bureau of Investigation has today filed a Final Report relating to death of Dr.Y.S.Sachan, the then Deputy CMO of Uttar Pradesh in the Court of Special Judicial Magistrate, CBI Cases, Lucknow(UP).


            A case was registered by CBI on 15.07.2011 on the directions of Lucknow Bench of Hon'ble High Court of Judicature at Allahabad dated 14.07.2011 entrusted the investigation of Case Crime No.276/2011 of Police Station Gosainganj, Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh) to investigate reasons, circumstances and cause of death of Dr.Y.S.Sachan on 22.06.2011 in Jail Hospital, Distt. Jail Lucknow.


            The State Police had arrested Dr.Y.S.Sachan on 05.04.2011 in Case Crime No.112/2011 of Police Station Wazirganj, Lucknow (UP) on the allegations of misappropriation of NRHM Funds and lodged him in Distt. Jail, Lucknow on 06.04.2011. He was admitted to Jail Hospital on 10.04.2011 as he was suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension. On 22.06.2011, in the evening counting of inmates, he was found absent and on search, his dead body was found under mysterious circumstances in the toilet at 1st floor in Jail Hospital.


            CBI took up the investigation of the case which was earlier registered by Uttar Pradesh Police. During CBI investigation, the place of occurrence was inspected by the experts of CFSL, CBI and Forensic Medicine Expert of AIIMS, New Delhi. CBI collected sufficient evidence, examined relevant witnesses/suspects and took opinion of experts on nature of injuries; cause of death; crime scene; opinion on Biology, Physics, hand writing, Finger prints & Psychological Autopsy Assessment etc. from the experts of FSL, Gandhinagar and CFSL, New Delhi. Polygraph tests were also conducted on the suspected persons.


            Investigation revealed that Dr.Sachan after being interrogated by State Police and after a press briefing by Senior State Govt officer was highly disturbed and depressed. CBI has found two notes written by him in his handwriting which indicate his disturbed state of mind.


            CBI investigation further revealed that Dr.Sachan first attempted to kill himself by inflicting wounds on accessible areas of the body. Only superficial veins were cut from which there was bleeding. After sometime, he attempted to hang himself with the help of belt in which he succeeded. Therefore, the immediate cause of death in this case was asphyxia as a result of hanging associated with bleeding from the injuries inflicted.


            No evidence indicating presence of a second person in the toilet at 1st Floor of jail hospital has come forth during investigation. The entire evidence including the circumstantial evidence which emerged during investigation suggests that Dr.Y.S.Sachan was extremely disturbed and stressed which is evident from the fact that after disclosure of his complicity in the murder of the then two CMOs, he was so disturbed that he even stopped taking meals.


            After thorough investigation of the case conducted in a fair, impartial and professional manner from every aspect, CBI filed a final report on 28.09.2012 in the Court at Lucknow.