Press Release
New Delhi , 17.04.2012

            The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested six accused persons for allegedly killing Bondru Pardhi and his wife Dodel Bai resident of Chouthia Distt. Betul (M.P).


            A case was registered U/s 147, 149 and 302 IPC against unknown persons on 21.08.2009 by CBI on the orders of Hon'ble High Court M.P., Jabalpur dated 07.08.2009 passed on the writ petition No. 15189/07. CBI took up the investigation of the case which was earlier registered at Police Station Multai Distt. Betul (MP) against unknown villagers after body of Sh. Bondru Pardhi was found.


            After the discovery of dead body of Shri Bondru Pardhi, a dead body of a female was also found in well on 14.9.2007 near the place of occurrence. It was later identified as dead body of Smt. Dodel Bai W/o Bondru Pardhi. The Police Station Multai, Distt. Betul had registered a Death Inquest to enquire into cause of death of Dodel Bai. However, no FIR was registered relating to her death. This fact was brought to the knowledge of the Hon'ble High Court of MP, Jabalpur who had ordered CBI to take over the investigation of death of both Bondru and his wife Smt. Dodel Bai. Hence investigation was conducted to cover the aspects of death of both Bondru and his wife Smt. Dedel Bai.


            The investigation revealed that one of the accused persons had allegedly mobilized the villagers of Tahikeda, together at Gram Panchayat Bhawan on 11.9.2007 for removal of encroachment by Pardhis. On reaching scene of crime, the said accused led the other six persons, all are residents of Taikheda, on an information that some Pardhis were hiding in the fields. This mob killed Sh. Bondru and his wife Smt. Dodel Bai.


            During investigation, the said accused was arrested on 13.1.2012 and a chargesheet was also filed against him.


            The remaining six persons were arrested from village Taikheda, Tehsil Multai, Dist. Betul and were produced before the Special Magistrate for CBI Cases, Jabalpur on 16.04.2012. The Special Magistrate for CBI Cases, Jabalpur remanded them to police custody for seven days.