Press Release
New Delhi , 06.03.2012

            The Central Bureau of Investigation today filed a chargesheet against 15 accused persons in the court of ACJM for CBI Cases, Jaipur U/s 34, 147, 148, 149, 201, 295, 302, 307, 332, 353, 435, 436 & 427 of Indian Penal Code in Bharatpur Riot Cases.


Five cases relating to the riots in Gopalgarh town, Distt. Bharatpur, Rajasthan were registered by CBI on 11.10.2011 on the request of Govt. of Rajasthan and further Notification from Govt. of India. These cases earlier registered at PS Gopalgarh, Distt. Bharatpur pertain to the riots between two communities on 14.09.2011 in Gopalgarh,  in which the mob turned violent and resorted to private firing. The police resorted  to firing to disperse the rioters. In the riots, 10 persons lost their lives and more than 45 persons were injured.


After taking over the investigation, CBI arrested 15 persons allegedly involved with the riots on 11.12.2012, 04.01.2012 & 05.01.2012. The arrested accused are presently in judicial custody.


            Further investigation of the cases is also in progress.


            The public is reminded that the above findings are based on the investigation done by CBI and evidence collected by it. Under the Indian Law, the accused are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial.