National Central Bureau (Interpol) New Delhi

National Central Bureau (Interpol) New Delhi

India is one of the oldest members of Interpol, having joined the organization in 1949. The Central Bureau of Investigation, which is a Federal/Central investigating agency functioning under the Central Government, Department of Personnel & Training is designated as the National Central Bureau of India. The Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation is the ex-officio Head of the NCB-India. All matters relating to the NCB India are, however, dealt with by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs vide its circular letter dated 18.3.1949 intimated to all State Governments and Union Territories that the Intelligence Bureau will serve as the ICPO-INTERPOL National Central Bureau for India. Subsequently, vide its circular letter dated 17.10.1966, the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs to all the State Governments and Union Territories conveyed its decision that the Central Bureau of Investigation will henceforth be the representative of this country for the purposes of correspondence with the ICPO-INTERPOL. Accordingly the Interpol work was transferred from Intelligence Bureau to the Central Bureau of Investigation. To deal with this work, a Wing designated as "Interpol Wing" was created in the Co-ordination Division of the Central Bureau of Investigation. All correspondence with the General Secretariat of the ICPO-Interpol and other National Central Bureaus is presently being conducted by the Interpol Wing of the C.B.I. located at Block No. 4, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003.

The Director, Central Bureau of Investigation is the Head of the National Central Bureau- India i.e. Interpol-New Delhi which functions under the immediate control of an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police.

Role and Functions
All the State Police forces and other law enforcement agencies in India have a link through Interpol New Delhi to their counterparts in other member countries, through Interpol Global Communications System (I- 24/7) prepared to assist in dealing with criminal investigations. And this is the area where the greatest volume of work occurs. There is a daily inflow and outflow of communications between Interpol New Delhi and National Central Bureaus of member countries which ranges from a compassionate request to locate and notify the next-of-kin of a death; request to search for a missing person; criminal history requests for any number of reasons; requests to carry out investigations in cases of fraud, commercial crime, trafficking in narcotics drugs, and criminal code offences upto murder.

It is, therefore, necessary that each department/police unit in the country should have a clear understanding of its duties and functions in relation to the activities of ICPO-INTERPOL so as to render as well as receive all possible assistance in the investigation and suppression of crime having international ramifications. 

In regard to enquiries emanating from ICPO-Interpol General Secretariat and other National Central Bureaus, the Interpol Wing of the C.B.I. makes further reference to the Interpol Liaison officers of State/UT and other agencies to obtain the information and then transmits it back to the General Secretariat and the requesting National Central Bureau for convenience and expeditious disposal. In order to present an unified image and in the interest of international police co-operation, it becomes necessary that whenever a request is received from the Interpol Wing on behalf of foreign NCBs, every department/organisation within the country must extend maximum co-operation and respond to the request in the quickest possible way. It is of utmost importance that the work relating to the ICPO-Interpol is dealt with promptly in a spirit of courtesy and good will with a desire for mutual assistance.

Similarly when requests or references are received from various State Police authorities and other law enforcement agencies in India such as the office of the Narcotics Commissioner of India, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, the Customs authorities, etc., the Interpol Wing requests the General Secretariat and the NCBs concerned to conduct necessary enquiries and intimate results thereof.

According to the Rules governing the processing and communication of police information within the ICPO-Interpol, the National Central Bureau nominated by each country is alone recognized by the General Secretariat and other NCBs for purposes of correspondence in criminal and other police matter. It is, therefore, essential that all matters of police interest pertaining to the ICPO-Interpol or police departments of other countries should be transmitted through the Interpol Wing of the C.B.I.

Thus Interpol Wing of the C.B.I. which is the National Central Bureau for India, endeavours to maintain close and continuous liaison with various departments and police orgainsations within the country on one hand and with the General Secretariat of the ICPO-Interpol and the foreign National Central Bureau on the other.

India has also been one of the relatively more active members. We have had the privilege of hosting an Inter-Regional Meeting of heads of Drug Services in 1988, the first Interpol Conference on Methaqualone in 1992, the 13th Asian Regional Conference in 1994, and the 66th General Assembly Session of ICPO-Interpol in 1997. This apart, CBI officials have also been closely associated with the activities of the Interpol. Mr. F.V.Arul served on the Executive Committee of the Interpol as Vice President for Asia. Later two other Directors of the CBI Mr. M.G.Katre and Mr. Joginder Singh served as delegates on the Executive Committee. Another distinguished Director of CBI to be elected to the Executive Committee and later to the office of Vice President for Asia, was Shri. P.C.Sharma. Sh. U.S. Misra and Sh. Vijay Shanker, former Director, CBI were also elected as Interpol Executive Committee Delegate for Asia.

To co-ordinate with the CBI in matters relating to Interpol, Liaison Officers have been designated in all States, with usually Addl. DGP/IG/DIG Crime Branch, CID acting in that capacity. 

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