1. The identity of the informants can be kept secret, if they so desire.
  2. Information can be passed in respect of following topics:
    1. Fraud in :
      1. Banking and Financial Sector
      2. Insurance Sector
      3. Stock Market
      4. Customs and Central Excise
      5. Corporate Sector
      6. E-Commerce including misuse of credit cards and ATM cards
      7. Travel Documents
    2. (a)  Trafficking in:
      1. Drugs
      2. Wild Life
      3. Cultural Property
      (b)  Human trafficking 
    3. Counterfeiting of Currency and Valuable Securities
    4. Violations of Intellectual Property Rights
    5. Technology Facilitated Crimes
    6. Other related crimes
Provide information about Economic Crime at speou8del[at]cbi[dot]gov[dot]in